Unsere Klassen

 Since our courses cannot take place at our seven locations in Hamburg we offer online classes. And of course you can join a trial before. Simply send us an Email. We are looking forward to seeing you in class!

And this is our online offer for you:

- 10 online lessons on a weekly basis, duration of 30 minutes/lesson
- Live sessions will be recorded and will be available on our website for a week after the session
- Weekly Lullaby video
- One music CD of the current music collection
- One illustrated songbook of our current music collection
- Current music collection as download on our website
- Course fee: 130 Euro


Course Plan Spring Term 2020


2020-04-29 16:30:19
2020-07-01 21:06:19
2020-05-01 16:30:31
2020-07-03 21:15:31
Begin Day/Time Duration Teacher Registration form
Wednesday 16:30 Course Length 10 Weeks Amy Brinkman-Davis, Elizabeth Smally
Friday 16:30 Course Length 10 Weeks Cathy Highton-Sim

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